Poster: Build a New Culture - VMCL Planning and Culture Building Graph (CBG)

VMCL Planning, Culture-Building Graph (CBG), Party Photos

The Culture-Building Graph (CBG) is a tool that can be used in an organization to change the demarcates who is on board with the organization’s vision mission and who is not (to what degree). The figure below shows that the CBG graph has two groups, vision mission friendly (detractors) and not vision mission friendly (supporters). To entice the fence-sitters to join the culture, we can show the benefits of the organizational culture by inviting them to the "Party Photos." These will convey to fence-sitters that the side of corporate company culture is the place to be. They will get rewards, have fun, have a sense of purpose and belonging, and love what they're doing.

VMCL and CBG (1)

Download this poster here.

The best source to get a better understanding of VMCL planning and Culture-Building Graph is in the book: 📘Cabrera, D. & Cabrera, L. (2018) Flock Not Clock: Design, Align, and Lead to Achieve Your Vision.  Plectica Publications. Ithaca, NY.

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