Cabrera Research Lab Vision-Mission

Vision Mission Analysis

The Vision-Mission Litmus Tests are described in depth in the book Flock Not Clock

Our Vision-Mission "Engage, Educate, and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers"

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Our Mission (M)

Our Mission logos is three E's pointing incrementally toward our Vision, symbolizing the everyday work we do to "Engage, Educate, and Empower 7 Billion Systems Thinkers" to change the world for the better. When we align how we think with how the world works, thoughts that can change the world become possible. Engage means that we call people's attention to the research that indicates that thinking is the crux of all future success. Educate means we give them the tools to develop deep understanding. Empower means we ensure they can do it on their own, without us. We do our Mission everyday to bring about our Vision.

Our Vision (V)

Thinking is the foundation of all creative ideas and problem solving, new scientific discoveries, new products and services, individual and organizational learning, education, business success, interpersonal and intrapersonal communications, and even democracy itself.  Groundbreaking new research developed at Cornell University into how we think and how to avoid thinking errors has revealed powerful new insights that can be taught to anyone, at any age. We are committed disseminating this research and to our audacious vision to create 7 Billion Systems Thinkers. Join us.

Detailed Breakdown of Mental model of Mission

Element Meaning/Actions Measurability
Engage Call attention to power and promise Cognation Tribe #s
Educate Facilitate and Motivate deep understanding of power and promise Enrollment #s
Empower Facilitate and motivate independent application of power and promise Post-enrollment Utilization #s

Detailed Breakdown of Mental model of Vision

Element Meaning/Actions Measurability
Near-term 100k Systems Thinkers Formal Cognation Tribe reaches 100k
Mid-term 1M Systems Thinkers Formal Cognation Tribe reaches 1M
Far-term 7B Systems Thinkers Formal Cognation Tribe reaches 100k

Litmus Checks Analysis

Vision Checks

Rating from 1-5 

(1=low, 5=high)

Mission Checks

Rating from 1-5 

(1=low, 5=high)

Check 1. Our vision is intrinsically motivating


Check 6. Our mission is actions done repeatedly


Check 2. Our vision depicts a desired future state


Check 7. Our mission brings about our vision


Check 3. Our vision is short and simple


Check 8. Our mission explains WHO does WHAT for WHOM


Check 4. Our vision is measurable


Check 9. Our mission is clear, concise, and easily understood

Check 5. We ensure our mission lives in hearts and minds 5

Check 10. Our mission is measurable


Check 11. We ensure our mission lives in hearts and minds


Check 12. We ensure that mission moments are sacrosanct


Capacity (C) & Learning (L)

We take Learning & Capacity Seriously. CRL's Capacital systems are functional (e.g., BuildTribe, BuildCred, GenRev, SysCap, etc). We develop Mission-critical capacity by working everyday to ensure that we have the right energy in the right place to serve our Mission everyday. W've developed a system of systems that are hyperfocused on Mission and Mission Moments.

We are an agile, adaptive, learning organization. We build and evolve mental models. We know that thinking differently, is the crux of all individual and organizational learning and of insight, innovation, and invention.

  1. GSD System: (get shit done; make sure it's the right shit)
    1. 100k Big Picture (VMCL) + 50k Big Picture (mid range goals and strategy) + 1k Weekly Sprint (team-based planning)+ Sea-level Empowerment Autonomous todo-Lists (SEAL personal autonomy linked to Vision)
  2. Function-Goal-Based Systems
    1. SysCap Needed
    2. GenRev
    3. PartnerRev
    4. BuildTribe
    5. SeeFeedback
    6. BuildCred
    7. GetPeople
    8. Innovate!
    9. GSD System


Our Culture Code

A social-entrepreneurial, research lab committed to its people, its users, and social good through basic, applied, and translational research in cognitive and natural systems.