Designing A Model Classroom: Article

An article was written about our work in the Ithaca City School District on changing their classrooms to promote better learning.

"Ithaca City School District is leading the way in redesigning classrooms to align with pedagogical practices and a better understanding of the physical limitations of the traditional classroom. “Contemporary learning spaces” (CLS), such as Dewitt Middle School’s model classroom designed by Derek and Laura Cabrera, include new types of furniture, collaboration-fostering classroom spatial configuration, and hands-on approaches to teaching abstract concepts. ICSD’s Lee Ginenthal, with 38 years of experience in special education, teaches district teachers to utilize the tools of the CLS. Ginenthal explained why the old model of education “just doesn’t cut it anymore” and why he’s been getting calls from educators nation-wide about ICSD’s approach to classroom innovation."

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