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DSRP Theory


 DSRP Theory states that:

  1. Thinking (T) is not something you can do, but something you get from doing simple rules.Thinking is therefore an emergent property of mixing and matching four combinatorial rules (DSRP) and that each of the DSRP rules is made up of two elements: identity-other Distinctions (D); part-whole Systems (S); action-reaction Relationships (R), and; point-view Perspectives (P).
  2. The process of Thinking (T)  organizes or structures Information (I) to form a mental model (M), such that M=IⓍT{DSRP}
  3. The mental model is clearly distinguished as an approximation of reality (R) and is tested against reality in order to take in more Information (I)… thus forming a feedback loop between mental models approximating (tested against) reality, thereby garnering feedback in the form of information, in turn adapting one’s mental model, and continuously iterating.


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