How can you use DSRP with focus groups?

The best way to see if a focus group is DSRPing is to ask them questions and see their responses. If they are not actively using DSRP, then these questions will get them to think deeper.

Here are some questions you can ask your focus group to see if they are using DSRP, and to what degree they are using DSRP. 

  1. What are we choosing to see? What are we choosing not to see? 
  2. How many things are the group identifying? 
  3. Are there others the group is leaving out? 
  4. How is the group organizing their ideas? Are there parts? Are there wholes?
  5. Is the group missing parts? 
  6. Do wholes exist that the focus group is missing? 
  7. Is the group seeing the relationships between things? 
  8. Are there relationships between the parts of things? 
  9. Can the group see missing relationships? 
  10. Has the group found parts of the relationships? 
  11. How many perspectives has the group identified? 
  12. Are there missing perspectives?