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Kumu Software Review

Solid network software but lacks some systems thinking functionality

hewlett-1188x1247Kumu could be the best software on the market for systems thinkers, if it did a few things differently. Unfortunately, like many influenced by network theory (which is a powerful and excellent theory) they are as limited as they are liberated by the structure. With a few tweaks this software could be amazing.


  1.  Pros:
    1. Relatively easy to use (but not the easiest) 
    2. Stable
    3. Looks like it has support so will continue to develop
    4. Based on network theory infrastructure so has a lot of scaleability (unfortunately not using a lot of it)
  1. Grows: 
    1. Misses part whole in a big way (no nesting)
    2. Makes relational lines one dimensional (as most network theories do)
    3. Relationship are second fiddle (no RDS!)
    4. Does some modeling
    5. Perspective taking function not existent
    1. Di but no Dio functionality

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