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Miro Mind Map Software Review

Pleasantly surprised; too bad focus is mind maps


Miro Mind didn't invent mindmaps (that was Tony Buzan) but they do build off of the. For more on why mindmaps are the Devil's spawn of systems mapping architectures, see here. In short, mindmap architecture [alone] is bad for your brain. That said, Miro Maps actually "hides" a lot of its non-mindmappy features beneath the sickening mindmap frosting. It would be far better software if they simply exposed some of this rich functionality. You can do a surprising number of systems mapping functions in Miro, but in order to do so you have to drill down into their templates. The overall grade would improve if these features rose to the top and obscured the mindmap functionaility.
  1.  Pros:
    1. Easy to use
    2. Stable
    3. Looks like it has support so will continue to develop
    4. Does a good job of escaping mind map lock-in by adding other templates that get you out of the standard mindmap structure (i.e., a centralized-hierarchy-in-multiple-directions-structure)
  1. Grows: 
    1. Misses part whole in a big way (no nesting)
    2. Mistakes relational lines for part-whole structure (i.e., the mindmap model)
    3. Relationship are second fiddle (no RDS!)
    4. Doesn't do modeling
    5. Perspective taking function not existent
    1. Di but no Dio functionality

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