Systems Thinking and Community Policing

Reinventing policing; systems thinking and policing; police

Minneapolis is talking about "dismantling" their police department.  I'm not a fan of the languaging used such as words like "dismantling" and "defunding" as I think this will be used to thwart what are needed and important efforts to bring our police departments into the 21st Century. I would suggest terms like "transforming" or "innovating" or "reinventing." But, although the semantics are important, let's get beyond the semantics...

We must use a combination of models to remedy this issue. First we should use POSIWID Analysis, CAS Analysis, and DSRP Mapping as methods to solve the issue. These methods will inevitably produce certain insights. Cutting to the chase (with the awareness that these conclusions need to be further explained for the reader who is unfamiliar), we would arrive at three models that need to be integrated in order to successfully transform current-day police departments into modern, 21st Century Policing.

I think there are 3 integrated structural models needed. Don't think of these three models as a list of three things but instead as three ingredients. Like baking a cake, the three ingredients would need to be entirely integrated.

  1. BARJ
    1. this would include BARJ application to courts, juvenile justice system
  2. Service Corps
  3. Community policing: this model of policing is entirely based on acting as a bridge between 1 and 2 above.