What are possible incentives to include in an incentives analysis of my organization?

Incentives analysis is used with Culture Building Graph for organizational change


GET CREATIVE (sometimes a $1 pin can mean more than a $1000 raise)

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    ALL (or nearly all) incentives should be placed in supporter group

    • Culture and Cultural Icons
      • Build icons, metaphors, chachkis that have extreme meaning despite their diminutive size/expense
      • Items that show status/level
        • Graduated Culture Pins
        • Graduated Culture Coins
        • Graduated Logo Apparel
      • Cultural awards
      • Belonging
      • fun themed office parties
      • Team Building Activities (performance increases with work relationships)
      • Informal events
      • immersion activities
    • Personal recognition in front of peers
      things that enhance a person's reputation
      • pat on the back
      • Something to put in the Resume
      • Recognition
        verbal, written, video, website, framed, emailed, etc.
      • membership
      • talks/presentations
      • organizational clubs
        • presidents' club
      • published articles in...
        newsletters, email blasts, website, local, national newspapers
      • Public recognition
      • "Naming"
        room, office, wing, area, lunchroom, coffee machines, etc
      • honorifics
      • Awards
      • Coins
      • Certificate of Accomplishment
      • Certification
      • letter of thanks
        • a hand written note of thanks
      • Recognition in the wider Community
      • Charitable Contribution in one's name
      • X sponsored by person/team A
        food, party, opportunity, for others in org etc.
      • sections of office "adopted" by certain awarded workers
      • Give a presentation to co-workers during professional development
      • in honorarium prizes (bc Sally did X, we donated to Y bc Sally did X, we bought Pizza for the team)
      • distributed written or video works about the person's/team's work
      • videos of awesome customer service
      • Employee of Month
        day, quarter, year, etc.
      • "retire their number"
      • Award ceremony
      • Rewards for x
    • financial incentives
      • salary increase
      • bonus
      • random bonuses for behavior that supports culture change
      • bonus based on performance
      • give budget awards for projects
      • golf trip
      • Stipend (e.g. suits, food, travel)
      • company cars
      • available monies for activities/courses extra curricular training
      • Material Incentives
      • Various perks
        • paid streaming subscription
        • parking space
        • Free lunch
        • limited branded clothing
          • shirt
        • food
        • a lapel pin
        • gift certificates
    • Increased agency
      • A promotion
      • Leadership Role
      • more work autonomy
      • Worker Voice in Assigned Tasks and Projects (worker productivity increases when work taps into interest)
      • Opportunity to work sheltered from X (bureaucracy, rules, oversight, etc.)
      • Support for one's passion or pet project
      • a capacity fund that people can apply for
      • Job/Project opportunity
      • Greater Responsibility
      • project management role
      • people management role
      • Use "billable" time to volunteer
      • working from home
      • Flexible hours
    • Opportunities for professional/Personal Development
      • 1-on-1 Coaching
      • Pay for training person wants
      • Pay for training company wants person to have
      • Training
      • bring your kid to work day
      • bring your dog to work day
      • Psychological Incentives
      • Work/Life Balance
        • More opportunities for family and friends.
        • Wellness Programming
        • A break
        • trips
    • Greater Access
      • Meeting with management
      • Networking Opportunities
      • Dinner with the boss
      • an executive mentor
      • Access to networks
      • Inclusion in certain events, meetings, etc.
      • talks/presentations
      • Mixed training opportunities with levels above
    • Place
      • location of office/workplace
      • a better office
      • office stuff/better desk/etc
      • Safety
      • More trees, more light, more air, more access to or closer to cooler places
      • Better tools
        software, office supplies, whiteboards, technology, etc.