What are the VMCL Checks?

The VMCL Checks are designed to be the necessary and sufficient backchecks you need to create a well designed Vision, Mission, Capacity and Learning function in your organization

Check #1: Our Vision Depicts a Desired Future State

Check #2: Our Vision Is Intrinsically Motivating

Check #3: Our Vision Is Short and Simple

Check #4: Our Vision Is Measurable, Ideally Binary

Check #5: Our Vision lives in hearts and minds.

Check #6: Our mission is action(s) done repeatedly

Check #7: Our mission brings about our vision

Check #8: Our mission explains WHO does WHAT for WHOM

Check #9: Our mission is clear, concise, and easily understood

Check #10: Our mission is measurable

Check #11: Our mission lives in hearts and minds

Check # 12: Mission moments are sacrosanct.

Check #13: We build capacity in order to do our Mission.

Check #14: We can measure our capacity

Check #15: We model systems to understand and evolve them.

Check #16: We don’t separate understanding and action.

Check #17: We harness the power of mental models

Check #18: We Train People to Think in Order to Learn

Check #19: We Build MISE Teams (map, improve, share, and enact mental models)

Check #20: Encode VMCL into your Culture