What is the Happy Mind Blown Emoji?

The world has only sad and shocked Mind Blown Emojis. It desperately needs a Happy or Smiling Mind Blown Emoji.

There are many variants on the "exploding Head" emoji (we prefer the term "Mind Blown"). See the image below for variants:


Note that in all of these variants there is either a shocked or sad face. This despite the fact that having your mind blown should be a pleasing, happy, or smile-producing phenomenon. 

The Story behind the Happy Mind Blown Emoji

Many students in Dr. Cabrera's classes comment on the regularity with which their mind is blown by the concepts, predictions, and implications of DSRP Theory. Especially during COVID when classes were taught online, the mind-blown-emoji was used to indicate this when it occurred. Dr. Cabrera noticed that all of the emojis were of the sad or shocked expression variety. He searched the internet to find a mind-blown-emoji that was happy or smiling and was shocked and saddened when he found none. 

Thus, the happy/smiling mind-blown-emoji was born. Dr. Cabrera developed it by combining the bottom of the "face with tongue" emoji with the top of the sad-mind-blown-emoji to produce the RDS happy-mind-blown-emoji: