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Whimsical Visual Mapping Software

Whimsical has potential but fails at assisting better cognition

4e168cd81e2ab7d9ebc775167b8a9c63Whimsical has some nice features but fails when it comes to utilizing the different features in an integrative map.  For example, it allows in one map-type (stickies) boards and cards which essentially allows for part-whole systems. Relationships are easy enough, and labeling them is possible, but systematizing them isn't. No perspectives, no RDSs. Fails on the fractal DSRP front.


  1.  Pros:
    1. Relatively easy to use (but not the easiest) 
    2. Stable
    3. Looks like it has support so will continue to develop
    4. Similar to Miro and other popular softwares
  1. Grows: 
    1. Misses part whole in a big way (no nesting)
    1. Relationship are basic (no RDS!)
    1. Perspective taking function not existent
    1. Di but no Dio functionality

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