Glossary of Sliders

Inventory of sliders, DIY-self-help, DIY self-hacks, DIY-CBT information

General Resources:

Check these places for more information about sliders

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  3. Sliders Blogs Tag (a list of blogs about sliders)
  4. DIY Self-Help Sliders: The Missing Link Between Systems Thinking and Personal Mastery
  5. Cabrera, L., Sokolow, J., and Cabrera, D. (2021) Developing and Validating a Measurement of Systems Thinking: The Systems Thinking and Metacognitive Inventory (STMI). In, Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking, (Eds) Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L. and Midgley, G. Routledge. London, UK.
  6. Cabrera, D. and Cabrera, L. (2021) Developing Personal Mastery of Systems Thinking. In, Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking, (Eds) Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L. and Midgley, G. Routledge. London, UK. 

Glossary of Sliders:

An evolving glossary of the many sliders that exist^ and that we have written up*. Have a slider that you want us to add or an idea for one you want us to help you develop?  Contact us.

  1. Feelings and Thinkings*
  2. Relationship Sponsored by the Number 3*
  3. Mental Models Cause Behavior*
  4. Integrity vs Duplicity*
  5. I am R. Hear me Rar.*
  6. K/DK*
  7. What Got You Here Won't Get You There*
  8. People As A Means vs. Ends*
  9. Perfection Paralysis*
  10. De-dupe-ing*
  11. Millennial Mean*
  12. Don't run from a sitch, run to a sitch^
  13. Destructive vs. Constructive^
  14. Don't Ruin Your Wedding (alt: Norman Rockwell Painting)^
  15. Painting with a broad brush^
  16. Confirmation Bias^
  17. Dysfunction magnet aka You're often most attracted to the least appropriate people^
  18. Ikigai find your calling^
  19. Analog Yourself^
  20. Win-win or no play^
  21. The Modified Golden Rule^
  22. My Button Jars^
  23. Listening with Tennis Talking^
  24. Good-News Bad-News No-News^  (Jim Morgan)
  25. A Shortage of Adults^
  26. Fiber Optic Cable^
  27. Listening skills 101^ (really a collection of sliders on listening)
  28. Seven Habits^ (Stephen Covey)
  29. Phase transition
  30. Expand the Present, Avoid Future Fret and Past Regret^

Glossary of Terms Commonly Used in Sliders and DIY Self Hacks:

  1. Sitch: the situation
  2. Sauce: some amount of verbal or attitudinal pushback (usually vitriolic etc)
  3. Buttons: as in "someone pushing your buttons;" synonymous with triggers
  4. Meta: sliders use metaphors, often in order to generalize to multiple sitches. So if you are 'missing the meta' that usually means you are being too literal, cynical, critical, skeptical, not-open minded, and generally not generalizing the basic utility of the slider enough, etc.