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systems mapping (SM)

noun | verb

The visual or tactile map or the act of visually or tactilely mapping that is born of DSRP Theory; synonymous with DSRP mapping; See universal visual object-oriented grammar and universal cognitive grammar (UCG);

Dr. Derek Cabrera explains the importance of not making some of the common mistakes in defining Systems Mapping,:

"When they hear Systems Mapping many think software and many naturally think visual. But it is important to note that what constitutes Systems Mapping is that it is borne of the human brain's natural ability to process in visual and tactile ways. Anything that explicates the structure of systems in object-oriented, manipulatable, tactile, graspable, visual ways is a form of Systems Mapping. 

In this way, DSRP is a form of Systems Mapping because it manifests the structure of systems in cognitively-object-oriented ways—we are generating a mental map in our minds. ThinkBlocks are Systems Mapping, Plectica and other softwares are Systems Mapping. But so are Sweet-n-Low packets, marbles, Post-it notes, index cards, and white boarding. Indeed, it is the trained master who can use anything  to do Systems Mapping. 

In this sense, Systems Mapping, as it were, is more of an ability, than a thing."

Systems Mapping is related and informed by Cortex Man and informs MAC.