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The Systems Thinking Steps

From Atomic To Organism Levels

atomic molecular organism

There are different levels or steps to Systems Thinking. Download this image to engage with it. 

The atomic level consists of the 4 DSRP patterns and their 8 elements (Distinction [identity-other], Systems [part-whole], Relationships [action-reaction], and Perspectives [point-view]). The atomic level is both universal and massively dynamical. 

Going up a step is the molecular level cognitive structures. This step includes jigs which are finite (there are currently 34 known jigs, but there could be 1000+). Jigs are hard to discover, and are almost always content agnostic. They are not universal, but they are incredibly reusable.

The last step consists of cognitive structures at the organism level. There is an infinite variety of cognitive structures at this level. They are called Frameworks and Sliders (DIY Self-Help) and they are content specific. Each one is used for a very specific thing/situation/context.